• Your music, heard worldwide.

    Turia Media is one of the world's leading marketing resources for bands and musicians of all genres. We are the upcoming artist's road to success.

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  • Free, world-class design.

    Composed of some of the most dedicated perfectionists on the planet, our design team ensures the impression your image creates lives up to our standard of excellence.

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  • Ongoing Support

    At Turia Media, our goal is to delight customers when they use our service. Our support team makes this happen by providing friendly, world-class service to all our clients.

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  • Results guaranteed.

    We can guarantee the results, as we simply keep advertising until you reach your target. If you're not satisfied, get a full refund. No hassle. Easy peasy.

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  • Flexibility.

    We have monthly budget options available, and provide bonuses on a regular basis.

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We specialize in finding people who haven’t heard your music before, but who are interested in the genre.

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We're a professional team of software developers, marketing specialists, and musicians. We have an innovative way of getting your music heard by real people who are specifically interested in your genre, and we offer a free trial to demonstrate this.


The service we offer allows you to concentrate on doing what you do best: Making music.

While staying behind the scenes, our job revolves around improving the quality of your image and advertising your music. Our design team makes you look as good as your music sounds, and our promotion team introduces you to new listeners from countries across the globe.

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Quick answers.

intro-image • Yes, all the fans are real people, interested in your specific genre!

• Yes, we are able to target certain demographics!

• Yes, the trial is completely free!

• No, there are no contracts!

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  • Our Confidentiality Policy

    Our Confidentiality Policy

    With clients based in 55 countries, we have bands and artists of just about every conceivable genre on our roster, and many record labels outsource major aspects of marketing and design to us.

  • Crow Black Sky


    Is it possible for a metal band from Africa to reach an international audience? Here’s an artist who started using our services in March 2011. One year later, they have gained 180,000 "Likes" and even more hits on Youtube.